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Mr. Murali Swaminathan : 
It was a pleasure to work with Sughumaran in designing, printing and delivery of the invitation card for my daughter's arangetram. All through the engagement Sughumaran was very professional, flexible, creative and prompt. It was easy to do business with him and particularly over the internet - the email responses have been prompt and timely. I would recommend Sughumaran and his company (www.imaginations.in) without any hesitation. Murali Swaminathan New Jersey
Mr. V.P. Dhananjayan : 
SuGHUMARAN’S artistic inputs in his ‘ IMAGINATIONS are indeed very creative and impressive. His creative ‘imaginations’ have reached far and wide and having seen some of the imaginative work he has done for Bharatakalanjali and the Dhananjayans, a lot of enquiries come to us to introduce this imaginative designer & printer. Very Meticulous in execution of the work undertaken with a watch word ‘perfection’. We proudly recommend this young man for any designing and printing works. We heartily bless sukumar to flourish in his business combined with an artistic approach… With best Wishes from The Dhananjayans Founders of the Internationally Well known academy for classical arts BHARATAKALANJALI, Chennai. India
Mrs. Muralidharan : 
Associated with Imaginations from 1999 has been a journey of spotting great creative natural talent. Their work speaks of the vast varied ideas so colourful with deep meaning and large vision. Given the freedom of thought their art in visualisation has a greater reach with the wide spectrum of reach audience. The variety of vistas has been admired and appreciated with large number of individuals & institutions. Working with Imaginations is of ones time saved in planning for visual reach & design of ones publicity planning… Co-ordinator –Tamilnadu SPICMACAY - India Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth.
Mr. Selvakumar : 
The invitation card, Program brochure, and thank you card created by imaginations for our daughter Anuja’s Arangetram were very well coordinated. The Invitation card made the guests to eagerly wait for the performance . The program brochure layout and style made every one to go through it The well coordinated thank you card was icing on the cake to the great performance. We are very grateful to Imaginations’ contribution to make Anuja's Arangetram a memorable one. Selvakumars New Jersey – USA
Mr. N.D. Sughumaran : 
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Mr. Narayana Sthanam : 
Hello Sughumaran, Thank you very much for sending us the brochures in time for the program. They are beautiful and every one who attended the program were really impressed with them. Quality of the printing and the inside material arrangement are impressive. Program went really well with out any hitches. Close to 400 people were there and fortunately we had no problems. Meghana danced really well and your cards and brochures did justice for her talent and program. Will be in touch and I am sure many people from here will contact you in future. thank you and regards
Mr. Veerabadran : 
Dear Mr.Sughumaran, Here is what we like working with imaginations. Mr.Sugumaran is extremely innovative professional and excellent in following up the clients heart depth expectations.We highly recommend and will continue to use the services of Imaginations for any positions.
Mrs. Jaysree Sunderasan : 
Hello Mr sughumaran Received cards today. They look good.Very happy with background colour and design, very elegant. only wish colours of my costumes could have been a bit brighter. Direction sheet very good. Font size excellent. Thank you very much. hope payment has been made Mrs. Jaysree Sundersan - London
Mr. Balaji Atyam : 
Hello Sughumaranji, Namaste! Once again, thanks for your excellent brochure work. Balaji - TX USA
Ms. Janaki Mehta : 
Hello Thank you so very much I recieved the packages today and opened to see one of the brochures, and it looks just amazing. The presentation, quality and designing is simply brilliant. I know that everyone here in London at my Manch Pravesh are going to love the brouchure just like they did the invite. Thank you once again for all your patience, help and support in putting together my invite and brouchure, they have made me even more excited about my event, and will provide a real elegance and style to the evening. Thank especially for having everything sent to London so quickly and efficiently My family extend their thanks and best wishes as well Janaki - London
Mr. Devarajan : 
hi Mr.Sughumaran, thanks for coordinating everything well and the family is happy about the card. I need one help we need the card in 3 page format for sending it as e-invitation. Can you put the pages in the same format as it is in the card and send it to us. Thanks for the help. Regards Devarajan - Singapore
Mr. Arun Reddy : 
Mr Sughumaran- We are in receipt of the final printed copies of the invitation and brochure. The invitation and the brochure has come out very well. Thanks for all your help With kind regards Arun - USA
Mr. Bhavesh Joshi : 
Mr. Sughumaran, We have received the package, Hooray :-) I had a quick look at it and it looks very good. The brochures are absolutely beautiful and so are the Thank you Cards and the envelopes. Thank you for all your help. Take care and talk to you later!
Mrs. Mona : 
Hi Mr. Sughumaran, Thank-you for the brochures and the sign-in book. We got everything today and everything looks great. I will e-mail you what everyone thought of the brochures and it has been a pleasure to work with you. Thank-you, Mona - USA
Mrs. Mallika : 
Dear Mr. Sugumaran, I got the invitations and brochures yesterday and I thank you very sincerely for doing an amazing job with them. The color scheme, the finishes, the composition -- everything was very, very good. It was a pleasure to work with you -- your service was very pleasant and I was very impressed by your time commitment. It is very rare that I come across someone of your level of creativity and customer service...I will use your services henceforth for all my printing needs. Thanks again, Mr. Sugumaran. Mallika (972)897-6909
Ms. Tulina Sinha : 
We are very happy with the Arangetram invitation cards;Whoever has seen it is applauding the creativity and color scheme.Now we are waiting for the brochure!
Mr. Ashish Sinha : 
Dear Mr Sughumaran, Wanted to let you know that we really loved the work you did on the guest book. It was very impressive! Thanks so much. The posters and brochures also came out very well. Really appreciate your help and support. Warm Regards Ashish Sinha – USA
Mrs. Santha Venkatesh : 
Dear Sughumaran The Arangetram went very well . Aishwarya did a fantastic job. The posters, brochures, invites & Guestbook were the highlight of the decor. Again no words to express , thanks for all your efforts. Will share the pictures with you as soon as I get them. I want a beautiful album from you regards Santha Venkatesh – New Jersey – USA
Mrs. Nithyapriya Muthuraman : 
Dear Mr. Sughumaran, I received the brochures, posters, and thank you card on time to set up all the things. Thanks for doing an excellent job! It was a pleasure working with you. Everything turned out great. I was really impressed with all of the posters, brochure layout and thank u card design –artistic and creative. Thanks once again for all your help and support in this project. Thanks, Nithyapriya Muthuraman
Mrs. Usha : 
Dear Sughumaran, The brochures and the posters have arrived. They have turned out very well. The posters are fabulous! Thanks so much for your creativity and hard work. You were very patient throughout the design and edit process and really undestood what we wanted. It was a pleasure working with you. You have turned out quality products in time. Wish you the very best in all your endevours. Regards, Usha – USA
Mr. Raju N. Natarajan : 
Mr. Sughumaran: We received the brochures today. They are excellent and the whole flow is wonderful. We want to thank you for an job well done. regards Raju N. Natarajan- USA
Mrs. Gayathri Indrakrishnan : 
Dear Sughumaran, Wtih God's grace and all your blessings & well wishes, the arangetram went very well and Harini performed flawlessly throughout the event. Everyone was thoroughly impressed with the invitation cards, brochures and guest book. The line to sign the guest book was exceptionally long since everyone took their time to look through the front pages too! Very impressive. We now would like to get the Thank you cards printed & shipped at your earliest convenience. It can be simple one carrying out the same theme and the same color envelope. Five hundred cards should suffice. I also got your message only last night and tried to call you back this morning but no answer. Will try to reach you in a little while. Will talk soon. Regards, Gayathri Indrakrishnan
Mr. Arvind : 
At the outset i should convey my sincere thanks to you for ensuring delivery of the invitation cards by 29.01.2011 , two days before the scheduled delivery date, despite i changed the size/photos/contents several times. I should also mention that the rates were reasonable and competetive. The design and the background has come up excellently to the satisfaction of all our family members. I have started distributing the cards and whomseover received the cards, are specially accolading the card first. Some of them have even noted down particulars of imaginations. My best wishes to your 'Imaginations' and would like to give you another oppurtunity whenever it will arise in future. With best wishes and regards, with rergards arvind 09650990998(M) New Delhi With best wishes and regards, with rergards arvind 09650990998(M)
Mrs. Kalpana : 
Hello, We got the guest book. It looks really good. Thanks for all the work. Kalpana.
Mrs. Sujatha : 
Dear Sughumar: The package came last night. Everything looks good. Thanks a lot. You are so committed. Thanks again Sujatha
Mr. Major Krishna K Chari : 
Thanks very much It has been a pleasure working with you thru the Project We received the invitation cards and brochures. The Invitation cards have come out excellent and we are very happy with them Thanks very much for doing them in gloss finish! Look forward to more associations Thanks and Regards Major Krishna K Chari
Mrs. Gauri Aggarwal : 
Namaste, We received the cards today. They look very nice. Thank you. Sincerely, Gauri Aggarwal
Mr. Rajasekar : 
hello sughumaran We have received the invitations and it looks good. Thanks for all the work Rajasekar
Mr. Rajesh : 
We received the brochures yesterday. They look very nice. Thanks again for a good job on the cards and brochures. Rajesh
Mrs. Padma : 
We have received the brochures. They look really nice. Thank you Padma
Mrs. Nipa Sheth : 
We have received the brochures by FedEx this morning. We are extremely pleased with the final product. We appreciate greatly all the hard work you have done and would recommend you to anyone. You have always responded promptly to our inquiries and that is what customer service is all about. Please accept our thanks for everything you have done for us from the invitations to the brochures. Nipa Sheth USA
Mrs. Revathi : 
Mr Sughumaran, We received the material today. Both invitation and Brochure look good.we are very happy with the outcome and the reponse we got from you. It was a very pleasant experience working with you and your firm. Thanks Revathi
Mr. Dhananjayan : 
SuGHUMARAN’S artistic inputs in his IMAGINATIONS are indeed very creative and impressive. His creative ‘imaginations’ have reached far and wide and having seen some of the imaginative work he has done for Bharatakalanjali and the Dhananjayans, a lot of enquiries come to us to introduce this imaginative designer & printer. Very Meticulous in execution of the work undertaken with a watch word ‘perfection’. We proudly recommend this young man for any designing and printing works. We heartily bless sukumar to flourish in his business combined with an artistic approach… With best Wishes from The Dhananjayans Founders of the Internationally Well known academy for classical arts BHARATAKALANJALI, Chennai. India
Mr. Prabha : 
I saw the card last Friday. It looks great!. We have gotten a lot of compliments for the card. We will write a review soon. Thank you very much for a job well done. Best Wishes Prabha & Mark C. Roach, Ph.D. Tel: 707-297-6702 e-mail: mrpsrr@comcast.net